November 27, 2018


For more information about compatibility, please refer to the following site: So I just gave up and put an order to a new wheel. Let me go over my private conversation with these guys and compile a non-private version of the data. Just to let everyone know, Race 07 GTR evolution is almost unplayable on win7 because of the lost effects. Microsoft will not make one.

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Powered by Kunena Forum. Even if the HW is just fine, as is the case here, only a bit old. Now I am going to record a tutorial for other users and put it on YT.

The resale value would be so small when compared to the purchase price that they will be worth keeping just for fun and nostalgia! Just to let everyone know, Race 07 GTR evolution is almost unplayable on win7 because of the lost effects.

Because of a lack of games I only tried racing games, but some of them showed me 2 separate axis, so it should also work with flight simulators. A logical reaction would be to ask the source code from ‘the device manifacturer’ and update it.

I can;t use any of my old Xp Hard ware devices in win fedback. Windows Vista IT Pro. For more information about this product, please refer to the following site: In other words, you can turn dheel FF within the game but the wheel has force applied to it, as if the return to centre setting is turned up high within the software in earlier versions of windows i.


vJoy Forum: recognizing Microsoft Sidewinder Wheel in game (1/1)

I have this wheel, and I bought the xbox wheel a year ago, and they had vague promises on there that they would release drivers down the road for PC for the wheel to enable force feedback its not and I hoped dual axis for the pedals.

I remember packing my wheel away in disgust when driver support vanished after upgrading from XP. My user and I solved it using hints we found in the internet.

This way they can add another device to their precious list of unofficially supported hardware and brag how just about every piece of PC HW ever made just works. Last edited by Condhill; at But with the sub-par performance, you get the message that maybe you need to upgrade your HW.

I didn’t install any drivers for it, it just worked straight off for me. I currently have a desk top Intel i7- extreme, with 12 gigs of ram and a 2 gig GTX Nvida graphic card.

Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel: incompatible with WinXP?!

Also,the force feedback effects will be poor sideinder the onboard port,use the soundblaster instead. As a 54 year old gamerthe thought of driving a car using a wheel mouse made me laugh. They can make Adroids with OS that us less space and work tons of apps.

Someone said try running the game in XP mode while using vista, but I have not tried that as it is easier sidewibder use the other machine. The original setting was: Interesting bout MS, thanks for the tit-bit Under XP the two pedals are combined and become one axis.


I’m thinking to process Microsoft Portugal, because i can’t use their hardware with their sorftware!! Every time i sidewunder to install the normal control panel software from MS’s website, it would error out of setup. Hi Condhill, there is some info in these posts here about getting that wheel working in Windows 8 with FFB with no drivers.

Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel: incompatible with WinXP?! – Ars Technica OpenForum

Make sure you calibrate it. Hello Tra c ker. If so, did you have to do anything special to get all its functions to work my friend said he got the thing to be recognized, and the pedals to work, but not much else. Works with Win7, Win8.

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. Me and a friend of mine run an online gaming community and love our racing games, and quite a few of us own the Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel including myself, we have all trawled the net for a solution to this issue since the release of Windows 7 but unfortunately there is no solution, Microsofts answer to this is ‘buy a new wheel’ which me and my friends are not going to do, we love our original ones!