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I do not know if the competition offers better today, but this one, anyway, is for me a safe bet. What technical specifications motivated your choice? Sort by most recent most useful. Also would have liked velocity sensitivity I Prefair is the price, these knobs prcis ca reliability, its reach enjoyable. In addition to kno each set of assignable MIDI channel of diffrent gnral, practice. Our members also liked:

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What motivated me to buy?

The pots and faders are high even when invoice, and must be handled with prcaution. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

Did you find this review helpful? De Manir you get used to. En more I think it is beautiful Nothing to say at the drivers, however. A really nice too, found on most MIDI instruments, there is a sticker on the right of the keyboard, next to the buttons see photo which lists the General MIDI patches, categorized with their number and the list of controls supported by the MIDI keyboard that you can assign the mod wheel or slider for volume.

However, I must admit they seemed very complete and well done especially the learning software, but I have not really used. I highly recommend it if you want to smooth music, especially since it comes with a software learning more than adequate, although the bundled software does not really seem to be the height of keyboard but I repeat, I would have to test them deeper to make me a real idea, I do not like sequencers!


After one month I have a dja floating a bit. The manual is trslger, if you want to read, I recommend plutt Sarte or Rousseau.

Nothing wrong aflertouch’s still working fine and the knobs, pitch and modulation wheel and all the buttons! Ct finishes and look I find it pretty cool, gray mtal few touches of color, a blue LED screen, it was a good mouth.

Needless to say, they fit perfectly with the keyboard. I used front midi keyboard, a Evolutiln N and for the assignment with the softs, the evolution cot is the highway Content, I rcupre the branch By default, a rotary knob to change the modulation and a flat slider to change the volume of notes sent.

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It has everything me is: Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Although I haven’t used it out of my studio yet Reason no problem in the editing controls is a breeze. Same, just to point out that the little knobs 2 shows the critical plus.

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Knobs to lock also have a good grip, and the pitch bend and modulation. All notes are played at the speed you set the knob, regardless of how hard you hit the keys The general configuration is it simple? I’ve never opened the Lightweight 4kgeasily transportable, easy installation and fast, usable on a good laptop or a desktop PC with a USB dot very handy!

With experience, you do again this choice? Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. I Prefair is the price, these knobs prcis ca reliability, its reach enjoyable.

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I would recommend it as a key booster zicos confirm or keyboard as startup for all beginners. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

The construction seems solid, to see over time. Last point that I have seen, strong it comes to picking a monumental mess and I’m still alive!!

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