December 12, 2018


Click to restore the default settings as shown. Save document and reset: Click button to stop record and save it; click button to start record; Click to display current recording file. Ainol claims it is more advanced than both plastic and metal case. If the file has been damaged, it will lead to very serious tone of the noise or jump. Additional Information Weight g Dimensions x x

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Ainol Novo 7 Venus Tablet PC 7 Inch Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Dual Camera HD WIFI 16GB

Click to set the Auxiliary functions Developer choice: In the power-on status, press the power button for 3 seconds, the pop-up interface, select “Shut Down” option to shutdown, otherwise click “cancel” option; press the power button to close novvo, press again to open screen, drag lock up can unlock and return to the main interface.

Click the on main screen or the menu button on the device, the below interface will display: I used to think Chinese made product are cheaper and bad quality, but Ainol changed my mind. IPS screen also has much better black color than the normal high resolution screen.

Slightly longer boot time, please be patient.

If the file has been damaged, it will lead to very serious tone of the noise or jump. Cortex A9 Family Quad core.


Click the icon to play on last song. This can be set into the silent mode, volume, notification tone, key Sound, screen locked tone Display: Google Play is pre-installed on NOVO 7 Venus — you can access and download more thanapps directly from your tablet. Save document and reset: Click “OK” to delete, Novo 7 Venus www.

If you want to unplug the TF card, cenus make sure players do not currently operate on the card, and then look at his hand soft reduction card, TF card will automatically pop up at this time 3.

Check is the music files have broken. However, the sensitivity veus different. Enter this to set the screen brightness, automatically rotate screen, wallpapter, Memory: Add a review Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. It has dual-cameras — 0.

Can Ainol Novo 7 Vneus support charging by USB?

Venus has a unique rubber case, which is good for kids. Most of the Chinese tablet makers are trying to use less capacity battery to cut cost, while Ainol always selects the largest capacity battery for the best user experience.

Special rubber case — feel very comfortable in your hand Ainol NOVO 7 Venus use a new case that has encode a layer of soft rubber on the surface. Click to check ainoll batery status Application: Ainol NOVO 7 Venus has a large mAh battery, so you can enjoy playing game or surfing web for 8 hours without charge.


Click to restore the default settings as shown. This window shows all the features of the machine icon, click on any venks to access the relevant function interface, click on the main interface key to return to the main interface.

Ainol NOVO 7 Venus | uPlay Tablet

In order to release its own tablet in this Summer, Google worked with Taiwanese computer maker Asus very closely, fine tuned its OS in every detail, and released this Android 4. It is easy to damage the local documents and firmware by vfnus virus. Please check if the volume is set to 0.

Please upgrade the firmware in the computer after you ensure that it has no virus, and then format it to solve the problem.

Tim Ferro — June 15, The gravity sensor is a common feature in pretty much every tablet. To make up this change, we decide to give all of our customers a free upgrade from 8GB to 16GB. The Broadcom WiFi chip has better compatibility. The device for high-speed USB2. Additional Information Weight g Dimensions x x You can use them to shoot photo, record video, and conduct teleconference.